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Shealyn graduated from Federico Beauty Institute and completed Pomegranate’s assistant program. She has advanced in house training and has earned certifications from industry leaders. Shealyn is in her 2nd year of doing hair professionally. She is meticulous and pays attention to fine details. She is fun, loves people and really pays attention to who you are and what will be the best for you, your hair and your lifestyle.


Shealyn loves cutting hair and really loves color! Her true passion is creating natural ‘lived-in’ color and working with her return clientele. Shealyn also loves big transformations, whether it be for a new, avant-garde look or a corrective color, she is up for a big project. When she isn’t at the salon or learning new haircutting and coloring techniques, she is usually at home practicing her makeup skills or out on a hike! She really enjoys exercising and practicing yoga in her spare time.


Shealyn has fresh ideas and keeps up on all the newest techniques and trends. We often collaborate and work as a team at Pomegranate, and Shealyn is a great contributor! We are so excited she is at Pomegranate! 

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